The Blackhoof Saloon Podcast

The Blackhoof Saloon Episode 23

October 10, 2020

   Welcome back Partners for a new episode of The Blackhoof Saloon! After a bit of a break from the show, the guys are ready to to get back in the saddle again and try some stuff out on the show. The Smoke-Wagon Showdown is back in this episode, and the guys look at what we call the Jetpack Joust between two ladies. Brian, Tom, and Eric have a long look at Helena Miller of the Lawmen and Lilith Hart of the Outlaws to see who has the upper-hand and even discuss their posses as backup in a brawl.  The show is closed out with a little bit of news and shenanigans as always. Welcome back y'all, we kept your seat warm while away. Sit back and enjoy a listen to the chit-chat in The Saloon!


0:41 - Intro Banter

10:35 - The Smoke-Wagon Showdown

1:25:30 - Ride Off Outro


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