The Blackhoof Saloon Podcast

The Blackhoof Saloon Episode 20

March 17, 2020

The Blackhoof Saloon - A Wild West Exodus Podcast Episode 20

   We're loco at the Saloon this month and SUPERSIZED this episode for ya'll! Intended for convention travels... well this long show of The Blackhoof Saloon is just right for staying in and avoiding the wog. The guys get a special request from friend of the show Parker of The Battlehammer, for The Smoke-Wagon Showdown. It's a spooky look at two more great bosses squaring off out in the street, "Who you gonna call???...". Tom had a WWX tournament coming up, so in our second segment Brian and Eric helped him build a posse list to take him far. The show is capped off with a check in with Tom and his new posse, news and a listener mail call. Saddle up, this is gonna go the full range...long son!


0:41 - Intro Banter

23:53 - The Smoke-Wagon Showdown

1:24:13 - Build Tom a Posse

2:31:06 - News, Pony Express Mail Bag Bonanza!!!, & Ride Off Outro


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