The Blackhoof Saloon Podcast

The Blackhoof Saloon Episode 19

January 31, 2020

The Blackhoof Saloon - A Wild West Exodus Podcast Episode 19

   Welcome back owl-hoots of the Weird West & Happy New Year, The Blackhoof Saloon is ready to share another round at the bar with ya'll. With the start of the new year and decade, the 3 amigos banter about resolutions from last year looking back at them and coming up with some new ones for the coming year. The Smoke-Wagon Showdown is back again for the first segment, with two bosses that are closely linked with one another in the Wild West Exodus Dystopian world from The Conquistadores and The Watchers. In a Terrain-Talk segment about scatter terrain, we have a chat about why it's important and a bit of a task for the boys to theme some towards their favorite factions. There's a bit of news for Cons and new releases coming out this month at the end of the show as always. Thanks for stoping by, we got what ya'll need to quench that thirst while ya' listen to us ramblin'!


0:41 - Intro Banter

18:55 - The Smoke-Wagon Showdown

59:40 - Terrain-Talk: Faction Scatter

1:24:47 - Ride Off Outro


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